@ESOF2012 Cracking Crime with Science #esof2012


Here’s some of the shots we took at the Cracking Crime with Science workshop at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. Part of the Science in the City Festival (www.dublinscience2012.ie), the workshop introduces children to how scientists work and asks them to become mini Forensic Detectives. For more information please see www.rcsi.ie/reach. 

A ten day festival to celebrate Dublin hosting Europe’s largest science event, the Euroscience Open Forum, which took place in the Dublin Convention Centre this July,  ‘Science in the City’ consists of over 60 events taking place between the 06th and 15th July. The Festival hosted a range of events for all and showcased the joy of discovery, and wonder of science through creative channels.

The innovative programme of science themed events across Dublin consisted of photographic and art exhibitions, several theatre pieces, film festivals, tours, trails and treasure hunts, science buskers, large-scale interactive installations, experiments, public talks, debates and workshops. Further information can be found here by logging on to www.dublinscience2012.ie.

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